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We are committed to making our services affordable.

Commercial Insurance
Out of Pocket
Sliding Fee Discount

Heartland Health Center is able to serve patients with or without insurance as well as those on Medicaid and Medicare.  Our Sliding Fee Program makes it possible to provide discounted services to patients at 200% or below Federal Poverty Limits.  Discounts on services are based on income and household size.  Qualifying patients typically pay between $35-$55 per visit, though costs can vary with added procedures.  Insured patients with high deductible plans may still qualify for our Sliding Fee Program, often paying the same discounted nominal fees.

Sliding Fee Program

Figures based on family of four.  Income guidelines change as the number of individuals in the household changes.

Have questions about paying for healthcare? Contact us to discuss what we can do to help you get the care you need affordably.

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