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Behavioral Health Services

Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Resource Connection

One-on-one appointments are available to foster relationships with licensed therapists and address mental health challenges.

Families and life partners can benefit from group counseling.  Behavioral health issues can be discussed by sitting down together with a therapist.

CBT aims to transform unhelpful, distorted patterns of thinking.  Subjects include emotional regulation, forming boundaries, and developing coping mechagnisms. 

Our patient support staff have links with a variety of community partners.  Area connections help patients to realize their therapeutic goals in their own lives.

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Mental health and physical health are directly connected.  Taking care of the body has a physiological effect on the brain.  In the same way, changes to one's mental health can have a profound effect on the body.  Heartland Health Center clinicians provide care to patients collaboratively, working together to discuss the relationship between body and mind.  Integrated behavioral health specialists begin conversations with patients in the medical clinic.  This provides a starting point for collaborative, intergrated care.

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