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Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Psychiatric Visits
Collaborative Care
Integrated Behavioral Health

Ongoing counseling sessions with a behavioral health specialist to help reach mental health goals. Attend individual, family, or couples therapy.

Ongoing psychiatric care through specialized medical evaluation, treatment, and medication management for a variety of mental health conditions. The psychiatrist collaborates with the primary care provider for optimal symptom relief.

CoCare specialists provide ongoing counseling and support over the phone. Through collaboration with a psychiatrist and a primary care provider, HHC is able to manage mental health medications. 

Patients can talk to a counselor while here for a medical or dental appointment, for help and support with life stress. Get connected to community resources with the help of integrated behavioral health specialists and outreach team.

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Mental health and physical health are directly connected.  Taking care of the body has a physiological effect on the brain.  In the same way, changes to one's mental health can have a profound effect on the body.  Heartland Health Center clinicians provide care to patients collaboratively, working together to discuss the relationship between body and mind.  Integrated behavioral health specialists begin conversations with patients in the medical clinic.  This provides a starting point for collaborative, intergrated care.

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