Dental Services


Recommended twice a year
to improve oral health & or locate
areas that need special attention.


A common reason involves a tooth 
damaged from trauma or decay
that cannot be repaired.


To restore the function & integrity of 
missing tooth structure resulting
from caries or trauma.


A thin protective coating placed on
the biting surface of back teeth to
 help reduce the risk of decay.


A crown/bridge restores the tooth to
it’s normal shape, size & function. 
 It can make a tooth stronger or
 improve the way it looks.

Root Canals

A treatment used to repair & 
save a tooth that is badly decayed 
or has becomes infected.


A prosthetic device constructed 
to replace missing teeth.


Experiencing pain & needs emergency
dental services to address the area of concern.  
Once the emergency is addressed your
dental team will likely schedule a re-evaluation
for existing patients or a comprehensive
exam for new patients.

Medical and Behavioral Clinic

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Dental Clinic

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Quick Care Clinic

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